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Strong Yun has more than 30 years plenty of experience in the cargo control industry. We specialize in manufacturing restraint straps, cargo rails, metal hardware, synthetic slings, personal protective equipment and variety of items in the field. With our strong R&D team, we are capable of developing new designs and customized products. We export to North America, EU, UK, Australia and Japan markets. Through these customers, we understand and understand the standards of each market to manufacture quality products.


Our cooperative factories, Whether in Taiwan or mainland China and Southeast Asia, we have obtained ISO certification. The factory has assembly lines, coating lines, heat treatment lines, electroplating lines, stamping lines, sewing lines, pipe making lines, rolling lines, braiding lines, welding equipment, etc.

To offer safe and good quality products to our customers, we are highly demanding on the quality control. Meanwhile, all of our products have applied for US$1,000,000 Products Liability Insurance.


To ensure that our customers receive the best service, we will strive to:

1. Provide the best quality products in this industry.

2. Ship the order on schedule.

3. Be competitive in price always.


Any query about cargo control industry, please feel freely to contact with us. Strong Yun will be your quick link to the right aim.